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A dedicated platform helping the Psycho2go brand engage with their community and build awareness around mental health. It offers streamlined content, push notifications, mobile app purchases, access to first-party data, and personalized features for users.



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Android and iOS app




Knowing your audience in the age of renewed data security laws isn’t as easy as it sounds – and for companies like Psych2Go, whose ten million strong Youtube audience is what keeps them engaged, knowing your audience isn’t just a handy way of creating good content: it’s what allows a company like Psych2Go to continue putting out content. Like going the extra mile to hit up the dam on the Santiago Oaks trail, understanding your audience and making your audience feel included in your content is only a net positive. But that comes with a significant issue: how do you know your audience when there are third-party data laws coming into effect? The answer is: collect your own data. We wanted to give a way for Psych2Go to own their audience data so they can increase their engagement on their primary platform on YouTube. And also to be able to take advantage of that audience outside of the walled garden that is YouTube. That’s how we approached Psych2Go. It’s what we used as a guideline for creating an app that can take the best parts of their YouTube channel and put an identity to the people who populate the YouTube channel itself the most by collecting first-party data they can keep using even when they move on from YouTube.

We reached out to them ourselves, and then designed and built the app, working with Psych2Go to create a seamless experience for the audience that is already pretty used to Psych2Go’s existing channel. We added a journaling module so that users could jot down any thoughts they have, and we made sure to keep a notifications page so that they could keep track of the latest new content. The Psych2Go app takes content from their Youtube channel and WordPress blog posts and it turns it into an easy-to-read, easy-to-access content stream. We wanted to create a lightweight app that didn’t take too much time to maintain: videos are uploaded automatically, the guys behind Psych2Go don’t need to worry about anything that has to do with the app itself, and it’s easy to manage. We added push notifications as a way for them to directly communicate with their audience, and have planned features on the way to integrate with shopping sites and sponsorships, to further increase the usability of the app itself. With Psych2Go also possessing an online store where they sell physical copies of their magazines, merchandise, and gifts, this can help keep their audience in a single location and make it easier for them to fully immerse themselves in the Psych2Go brand.

By turning Psych2Go’s audience onto the app, Psych2Go now has access to first party data – emails and basic information – that can help them create custom content for the individuals. Even if they lose their primary platform, Youtube, they can retain the data they’ve cultivated through the app, meaning that they’re never really at risk of losing their information. The eventual addition of the e-commerce element will also help them refine their audience further, and give their fans a different way of engaging with the brand. Psych2Go has just launched on the Google Play store and iOS App Store, and it’s doing well: not only does the audience benefit from having all of Psych2Go’s content in a single place, Psych2Go benefits from understanding who they’re speaking to.

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