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This marketplace app empowers both vendors and clients by automating the booking of creative talent- ensuring fair pay, seamless experiences, and control over the talent selection process. Users can browse talent, view pricing, and book projects within the app, making it the ultimate solution for creative needs.



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Web application, Design

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Marketplance platform




Automating the booking of creative talent in an industry where that said it wasn’t possible. Welcome to Lenzera. Need a filmmaker for your ‘anything’? Lenzera is the only marketplace you can browse talent view pricing options, and book your project right there and then. The insanely complex pricing algorithms give both vendor and client the ability to receive fair pay and pricing. It took more than 50 pages of technical documentation in tiny print to detail the cost calculations, but the outcome… totally worth it.

From the client side you are guided through a beautifully curated and still highly customizable flow basic questions to help you get just what you need regardless of your experience in the industry. At the end of this yellow-brick-road you’re able to browse available talent, update your selections, and view each individuals availability with pricing based on a schedule you select.

This dynamic calendar tool is just one of many of the beautifully designed and fully customized user experience components we developed specially for Lenzera. The vendor experience is no less impressive. The portal boasts thousands of variables the vendor can adjust to control their pricing, availability, special services, and more. It also provides robust reporting tools that give vendors insight into their business operations. The system also has a multi-channel sales tool for vendors built in. A vendor can be listed on the marketplace and can attach a link to their anywhere (website, social media, advertisement, etc.) and direct traffic via their own branded booking process with all the bells and whistles of the primary booking process.

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"Their customer service is second to none."

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