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This visually captivating, customized ecommerce web application features automated travel booking functionality including mobile optimization for an experience-based travel business.



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The China Tour team came to Tepia Co with the desire to redesign their website, incorporate ecommerce capabilities, and ensure universal mobile device compatibility. They also wanted their website to portray professionalism and inspire buyer-confidence. They had been manually processing all of their orders, which is a loss of time, energy, and money. The team was losing many potential sales without online ecommerce capabilities. Through collaborative partnership, we were able to provide the business solutions they needed.

From the get-go we knew we wanted large and beautiful images to play a big role in the website redesign. Experience-based businesses, like China Tour, need the allure of eye-catching visuals to give visitors a taste of what they could be a part of. A mild semi-transparency behind the main menu combined with handpicked and precisely cropped wide-angle shots allows featured images and opening text to shine. We left just enough room above the fold in order to encourage visitors to begin scrolling further down the page. Through a collaborative user experience exercise, we were able to discover which pieces of information were most needed by website visitors. Thus, as a visitor scrolls down the page, each section is appropriately prioritized. We also used the appropriate quantity and placement of negative space, or whitespace. This ensures the site is visually optimized for mobile devices.

The China Tour website was already developed on WordPress with customizable ecommerce functionality integrated via WooCommerce. With the WooCommerce integration, we optimized and adapted the ecommerce functionality specifically for the travel industry. When creating quality ecommerce automation, we first identify the different variables taking place that are specific to the business and the industry. The variables for booking travel packages through China Tour included seasonal airfare prices, departure cities, number of persons per hotel room, and deposit collection. We thoroughly explored and detailed each variable, and we were able to implement our own custom algorithms and user experiences into the booking process. On top of standard CMS features available in WordPress and WooCommerce, we added our own features. One such feature was a toggle that allows product pages to switch back and forth between ecommerce and call-in purchase options. Another feature made it possible for the China Tour team to update their product list without our assistance. We succeeded in partnership with China Tour by creating an attractive and strategically functional website design, by creating a detailed and easy-to-use ecommerce integration, and by ensuring website longevity through mobile optimization. Furthermore, when China Tour ran some nationwide advertisements, operability thrived under the high website traffic. We at Tepia Co were able to provide China Tour with a lasting website meeting their real-time business needs.

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