Success: Why It’s Never Too Late

  For many, turning 30 is a huge milestone. Life begins getting serious. You start thinking about your future and what you (really) want out of life. In fact, when you’re 16, 30 seems like 65. Then your 30th birthday hits…and so does the depression. (This is especially true for those of us who felt […]
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How to Build a Landing Page

Lets talk landing pages. We learned a few tips from the pro’s that when read cause ‘palm to strike forehead’ and a sudden “Of Course!” to escape the lips. Link-Ratio : The purpose of your landing page is singular or at least it should be.      If you are sending people from an advertisement to […]
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How to Find the Best Freelancer

Have you hired freelancers before? Was it a positive experience? If you have hired freelancers chances are you have had positive and negative experiences. We would like to share with you our secret sauce for finding the best freelancers. So here they are… The 4 Questions We Use to Find the Best Freelancers: Do you […]
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