How to Find the Best Freelancer

Have you hired freelancers before? Was it a positive experience?

If you have hired freelancers chances are you have had positive and negative experiences. We would like to share with you our secret sauce for finding the best freelancers. So here they are…

The 4 Questions We Use to Find the Best Freelancers:

freelancerDo you work alone or with teammates?

Weed out half of your applicants with this one question. If cost is king then the solo freelancer is for you, but if your comfort level doesn’t extend quite so far then a company providing freelance services may be best.
Tip: Many freelancers are eager to please so when asking questions be ambiguous about what answer you expect. ex: “Do you work with a team or on your own?”


Can you send me a link to your portfolio?

Always ask for “a” link to “their” portfolio. A list of links is a response is not a portfolio. The best freelancers will always have their own portfolio page showcasing their work.

14-05 portfolioWhen can you have it done by?

Don’t set a deadline. Ask your freelancers to set their own. You will be wowed by their speed and chances are if you had named such a short deadline you would be charged for “rush” work. For larger projects set deadlines for each milestone.
Tip: When our freelancers provide us their deadline they are almost always over promising. And so we double their estimate.

oDeskHow quickly do they respond?

Speed of response, the question that’s answered without asking. You want someone who will respond when you need them to regardless of time-zone. This starts when the bidding for your business starts. The best freelancers respond to any request or posting within 8 hours and this will remain true throughout the projects.