The Good, the Bad, and the Facts about IoT

As of this year, there are 13.8 billion units of connected internet of things devices.  That number is projected to grow to 50 billion units by the end of 2030, and to keep growing as people trade in their old ‘dumb’ appliances for smart TVs, fridges, lightbulbs, and everything else that can be connected to […]
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Your App IS a Business: Here’s Why

A lot of times I preach to my clients that building an app is like building a business. Here’s how a typical consultation begins: “Hey, I have this awesome app idea and I’m going to partner with someone who’s good at making apps. We’re are going to become billionaires together in a few short years…” […]
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How to Build a Landing Page

Lets talk landing pages. We learned a few tips from the pro’s that when read cause ‘palm to strike forehead’ and a sudden “Of Course!” to escape the lips. Link-Ratio : The purpose of your landing page is singular or at least it should be.      If you are sending people from an advertisement to […]
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