Why we rebranded Tepia

About fifteen minutes’ drive away from the office, there’s a restaurant in Santa Ana that’s been open since the 1930s, and it started out selling tamales. It still sells those tamales, but there’s other things on the menu: breakfast, burritos, tacos, catering.

The core of the company hasn’t changed, and it still has those lines that go all the way around the block for tamales.

We look at our rebrand the same way.

What’s different?

When Tepia opened up, the original brand took time and effort to get right. We wanted something that stood out: something that fit in with the idea of doing business in a way that made a difference, and of using tech for good. What we settled on was smooth, rounded edges and a bright – but not too bright – orange to help us stand out among the other tech brands.

Back when Tepia was new, it fit. And then as we got less new, and grew into the company a little more, there were aspects of the brand identity that didn’t match with the Tepia we were becoming: the colourful, confident, blended company we’d started to build and settle into.

When it came to creating our new brand identity, and retiring our old one, we wanted to make sure that what we chose would grow along with us. We chose brighter colours, we added animation, we made it fun because that’s how we like to do business.

Most importantly, we wanted to showcase that the intent of the company had changed.

Tepia started as a company that was all about the tech side of things. As we grew, that changed: the tech was still there, but we wanted to talk more about the humans behind the tech, and the customers that dreamed of the products we built.

Moving on

There’s a hell of a lot more available online than there was when we started, and for the rebrand, we wanted to use every new tool we had access to.

The models were all created using AI and Midjourney and incorporated into the overall website design. We wanted to understand how to use these tools better for ourselves, and the rebrand gave us a really good opportunity to play around with what we could do, and what we can do for our clients now that AI tools are becoming a little more widespread.

And the feedback we’ve gotten so far shows that we’re on the right track. Our clients love the rebrand. We love the rebrand. The way forward for Tepia is bright, and when we look at our new identity, it shows a side of us that was lacking in the original brand: the friendly neighbourhood tech company who wants to help people do better things with tech.

In conclusion

The only thing that we’ve changed really is the way that we show ourselves online. 

Our mission has – mostly – remained the same. We still believe in tech that does good. We still believe in a better way to do business. We still want to help our customers get the most out of their technology. 

But we want to do all of that by focusing on the human side of the business. It’s something we’ve been working on ever since Tepia started to grow, and it’s going to be the way we move forward. 

Our rebrand was long overdue, and the identity we have now fits the mission we set for ourselves way back when it was just the CEO and the founder, working alone. Now we’re a team, and Tepia has a bright future ahead of it working within this new identity. 

See you on that brighter side.