Top 15 Tech Tools For Youtubers

As a Youtuber, the more you grow your audience, the better your chances of monetizing your brand, setting up a lasting career, and creating new opportunities for yourself – but with great YouTube opportunities come great considerations. Social media moves fast, and staying relevant online is a full time job, not to mention filming, editing, and creating new content for your audience.

When social media was still in its infancy, all of these things had to be done manually. Today, there are as many tools for content creators to use as there are social media platforms to use them on, and it makes a big difference to your YouTube career.

Here are 15 tools for Youtubers – and social media influencers in general – that can really help you out.


Best Youtuber tools for Marketing and Analytics

What are they for? You can have the best content in the world – but are you sure the right audiences are seeing it at the right time? Marketing and analytical tools are the peanut butter and jelly of content creation, and if you want to grow your brand, they’re two of the best ways to do so effectively and quickly. Knowing how your channel is doing, and seeing where the high points of viewership are, is already a great start to creating a long-lasting career on YouTube, but when you throw in the additional possibility of analyzing these figures in order to tweak your posting schedule or your content line-up, the benefits just stack up.

Are they necessary? While not necessary, it’s helpful. The difference between growing your channel with marketing and analytics tools and growing it without is kind of like throwing a handful of seeds into a garden and hoping for the best. You’ll grow something, but whether it’s a decent pumpkin or a sprawling weed is kind of left up to chance.

Standout Marketing and Analytics tools for youtubers

  • Social Blade

A public database of all YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram statistics, even if you don’t want to use any kind of tools, at least keep an eye on your Social Blade ranking, which goes into how many views you’ve had in a month, your total video views per week, and even breaks down where you rank in your country. Scroll further down, and Social Blade even guesses how much money you might have made per video.

  • TubeBuddy

From helping you pick the right keywords to scheduling the best time to publish your video and one-click A/B tests for picking the right thumbnail, TubeBuddy packs a lot of features into its free version, but one of our favorites is that it has a demonetization audit, which means that it goes through your latest upload and highlights any word in the title, description, or tag which could affect your payout. If you’re still not sold on investing in analytics, this is the tool we’d recommend you try out first.

Other marketing and analytic tools for Youtubers: 

  • Brandwatch: a marketing and analytics research tool with a specific focus on understanding your consumers; it can track thousands of posts, comments, and conversations relevant to your industry, analyze the key comments using machine learning, and provides a lot of insight into what you can do to really elevate the way you interact with your audience.
  • Awario: a conversation tracker that monitors what people are saying about your brand across social media, forums, reviews, blogs, and even video, letting you either hop into the conversations that are happening to further spread news of your channel, or monitor the way your brand reputation is growing.
  • VidIQ: recommends keyword, title, and description suggestions that will help you maximize both your views and the subscribers that hop onto your channel. Recently, VidIQ also added AI to their suite of tools, which can suggest what video you should work on next and predict how your ideas will perform for your audience.


Best Youtuber tools for Community Management 

What are they for? Building a career as a Youtuber isn’t just putting out videos and maximizing reach and mentions: it’s also about connecting with the audience that’s watching your content. Community management is all about making sure that your audience knows you’re listening to them, and keeping them up to date with the latest releases, videos, and merch drops. If marketing and analytic tools bring the audience to you, community management tools help you grow that audience into a community that you can then rely on a little to push your brand even higher.

Are they necessary? Yes. More than marketing and analytics, without a community behind you and your YouTube channel, your brand isn’t going to grow.

Standout community management tools for Youtubers

  • Patreon

If you haven’t yet monetized your channel, Patreon is a way of getting some necessary funding from the people who’d most like the outcome: your audience. The way it works is simple – there are different monetary ‘tiers’ of support that your audience can purchase, allowing them access to more content or simply just passively supporting you as you grow your brand. With higher payments, you can look into producing exclusive content that will only be seen by those premium subscribers, and if you’d prefer to keep all your content access the same, the lower tiers are great for your audience anyway, since they can pay to support your channel if they really like it.

  • Discord

Fond of live streaming or talking to your audience over voice? Discord is perfect for your purposes. If you’re a YouTube content creator that thrives off the give and take between your audiences, and if you’re a growing channel that doesn’t want to go the Patreon route, Discord is where you should go. A cloud-based chat programme where you can invite the people you want into an exclusive channel, Discord’s multi-channel set-up really makes it easy to isolate the different aspects of your brand and business and use the categorizations to see what people want to see more of – and it makes it a lot simpler to connect with your audience since there’s no barrier between you and your audience as there is on other channels. Think of it as a massive chatroom, solely dedicated to your brand, and one that has the capability to grow. It also comes with moderation tools, which is a must for any business trying to create a safe community.


Other community management tools for Youtubers

  • Shopify: if your Youtube channel has its own merch, setting up a storefront you can use for your community to purchase merchandise from is the next logical step, and it works on two counts: community building and brand awareness.
  • BuddyPress: this is a wordpress plugin that helps you build community-based websites with member profiles, activity streams, and user groups, to further give your fans somewhere to collect and discuss your content that isn’t the Youtube comment section.
  • Circle: a community platform that collects all courses, discussions, live-streams, chat and memberships for your brand in one program and makes it easier to keep track and monitor what’s happening with your brand community. Features paid memberships, events, private messaging, and integrates with other programs for a seamless experience.


Best Youtuber tools for social media management 

What are they for? If you’re already on Youtube, you know this better than anyone: one platform might be enough to put your content on, but it’s never enough for outreach – and it’s always easier to have multiple platforms where you can advertise your content than put all your influencer eggs in one basket. However, if you’re posting on several different platforms, you might want a better, faster way to update your social media.

Are they necessary? To start with, no – but as your platform grows bigger, it’s going to be one of those things that you should add as quickly as possible, if only to free up your time for other pursuits, such as creating content.

Standout social media management tools for Youtubers

  • Later 

One of the simplest tools on this list is also the most effective: if you’re a creator, Later can help you visualise the way your feed will look to create an atmospheric feed, schedule your posts on multiple platforms including Tiktok and PInterest, and throw in a link-in-bio section to drive clicks on Tiktok and Instagram. Later also works to shoot content and upload it on the go, helps you earn cash from content and brand collaboration, and also includes a creator database that can help you connect with different brands.

  • MeetEdgar

When it comes to social media management, Edgar is a lifeline for those who want to batch-create content without necessarily posting the content themselves as it automatically takes posts from your content library to keep your social media platform updated daily. You can add time slots so you can capitalise on the best time to post, run A/B test variations to see what your audience prefers, and stores all your posted content internally so that it can pull from the backlog if you ever need a quick post or throwback.

Other community management tools for Youtubers

  • Sprout Social: an all-in-one social media platform that caters to everything from listening to your audience to planning, organisting, scheduling, and delivering content across networks. It can also help you analyse your engagement and measure your overall performance using dashboards.
  • Hootsuit: a beginner-friendly way to get into the habit of scheduling and publishing content to all of your social profiles, track how effective they are in real time, and plan your content well ahead of time.
  • Buffer: see which of your content is going to perform the best and build a strong community following through suggested tags and channels. It’ll also publish your work for you and generate reports based on performance.



Standout monetisation tools for Youtubers 

What are they for? If you’re passionate enough about your content that you’ve made it this far down the article, this isn’t going to surprise you – but you need to know how to monetise your content. Putting out beautiful content in the world for free is one way of getting started, but as your channel grows, you might want to see how you can push your content to the next level. That means making money off of the stuff you’re posting.

Are they necessary? Yes, if you want to make money off of your content.

  • AdSense: one of the strongest monetisation methods available, Google AdSense automatically optimises your content to fit desktop and mobile and can be seen as a reliable way to get paid if your content is already generating a significant amount of views.
  • AffiliateWP: an easy-to use wordpress plugin that tracks your referral links, affiliate codes, and promotions.
  • Amazon Associates: allows you to share your Amazon product recommendations with your followers using custom linking tools and earn a 10% commission rate.

Is there anything else I need to know about tools for Youtubers?

New tools are constantly coming out on the market, so if none of these fit what you’d like to do with your content, it’s not that it doesn’t exist: it’s just that you haven’t found the right tool yet, and we’re happy to help you find the right one to make your content creation career a lot easier on you.

Drop us a line, and let’s talk.