The New Era Of On Demand Apps

Boon: The Helpful Staffing App

Boon is a new app that offers on demand staffing, helping you either look for a job or staff your business. This app provides prescreened clerical staffing which you can be managed through the app or website. Any business owner has instant access to applicants looking for work in their industry. Boon picks the best applicant and sends you the top qualifiers. This quick process cuts the time of looking for a job or finding the right candidates in half and gives everyone less to worry about!

Hotel Tonight: Quick Planning

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we all know it can be expensive. An easy option is a free app, called Hotel Tonight. This app has been developed to help you find a room instantly. ”The company offers average response times of 10 minutes or less. Not only that, HotelTonight has gone international, serving nearly 500 destinations across 27 countries and five languages.” From fun, spontaneous, or desperate-need situations of finding a hotel room this is the essential app to have on hand.


RetailMeNot: Instant Saving

Coupons are great and virtual one’s are even better and eco-friendly. RetailMeNot is the free and easy app that shows stores around you that are giving great discounts. These are deals only available through the app.  Your favorite stores notify you when they are having a sale or offering a new discount.The Daily deals will save you some major money especially with the holidays coming up.


Pager: Doctor House Calls

Nothing is more frustrating than being bedridden and having to drive to see the doctor.  Especially when you’re overloaded with work to be done. With Pager the doctor comes to you, for a fee as low as $50 to $200 max. Pager is another easy option for anyone who needs quick and easy help, without the hassle of the long wait’s in the ER or urgent care. Also another great perk is that you could be eligible to have your medical insurance reimburse you for visits made through the app.


Findery: The Treasure Map of your Life

Need something to do tonight or maybe something to do over winter break? Findery has two options called “Near” and “Far”. “Near”, for example, people locally post about events and places near you, like art shows, unique places to eat, and fun local concerts. It’s a great way to explore your community. As for “Far”, people post about cities all over the world, either as locals or travelers! This is app is great because it sets up the directions to the event and all the info you need all in the palm of your hand. It avoids the hassle of doing hours of research on what to do when traveling or what to do when you’re new in your town or when you just find yourself bored in your hometown!