Ten Characteristics Of An Ideal Freelance Writer

You’re a busy business owner or manager, with more to accomplish than you can possibly do in one day or week. Plus, some of your tasks or goals require specialized expertise -therefore, you’re contemplating the idea of hiring outside help to write content, manage your social media, and more.

Almost every business owner has at least entertained the idea of working with a freelancer to get things done. But it’s important to remember that all freelancers aren’t created equal. Here are the top ten characteristics you should look for when you’re hiring an expert:

  1. Proven ability to meet deadlines. This should go without saying, of course you want to work with someone who will provide the skills and work you require on time.
  2. Attention to detail. You want perfection!
  3. A positive search history – Google them before signing a contract.
  4. Personality and interests outside of their field – a well-rounded person can often provide more creative or interesting solutions.
  5. Their technology is on point. You definitely don’t want tech issues preventing you and them from getting things done.
  6. They never say “that’s not my job” – at least without providing a quote.
  7. That being said, a good freelancer should provide an estimate before starting work, and a new one if the scope of work changes.
  8. And they should have an NDA and standard contract ready to go.
  9. Those should include tax info and expected payment dates.
  10. Availability within typical business hours if you have any questions or needs – and a quick but respectful response time (within reason, chances are no one is responding to email 24/7 unless they are desperate).

So if you’re a business owner, what do you look for in a freelance writer? How do you find experts that fit your needs and that you can work well with? We’d love to hear your recommendations and your wisdom.