Mobile Apps for YouTubers: Expand Your Influence and Reach Your Audience in a New Way

Mobile Apps are seeing huge increases in downloads year over year. It’s estimated the App store is now generating $38.5 billion dollars with over half these apps belonging to business owners. Over 66% of the population owns a mobile device and 89% of the time they spend is on their mobile apps!

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Imagine being able to not only reach new viewers on their mobile devices, but to make their experience with you interactive, engaging and meaningful. In a world of instant satisfaction and customization, you can give this to your followers in the palm of their hand.

Easily Connect with Your Audience

Expand your communication and reach with subscribers through the power of a mobile app. Take your relationship with your viewers to a whole new level. Give your followers what they want by creating a custom mobile app dedicated to the content you provide on your YouTube channel.

So, what does creating a mobile app mean for my YouTube channel?

YouTubers and YouTube channels with a custom mobile app enjoy the benefits of rapidly changing technology. Tepia’s team of developers create custom apps that take full advantage of the latest in mobile technology. Mobile apps give you the ability to expand connection, communication, and opportunities to those you value most – your followers.

Here are just some of the ways you’ll benefit from having your own custom app:

  • Add more revenue streams.
  • Remain relevant – move in the same direction
  • Stay ahead of your competition.
  • Get direct access to your followers.
  • Ability for branding on the App/enhanced collaboration.
  • Build a larger database- have ownership of your followers.
  • Incorporate ALL your social media and sites.
  • Increased level of customer service to Gold Star Standard

What if I don’t know anything about mobile apps?

Tepia is known for its stellar customer service and support. You tell us your idea and we will work with you to let you know how we can meet your goals and create your vision.

We want you to understand how the app works and the process to get there. Once you decide to partner with our team to create your custom mobile app, we assign a dedicated project manager to assist you. Your project manager will answer any questions you may have.

We make the process easy for you by giving you updates along the way. We begin creating your app by explaining the process we use to develop your application.

Once your app is ready, we provide training and further support. We don’t consider the project finished once the app is completed. We enjoy long term relationships with all of our clients.

So, what does my audience gain from my mobile app?

By having your own app, your followers get these benefits:

  • Ease of Use – followers can access your social media and sites in one place.
  • Receive exceptional customer service- which fosters loyalty.
  • Instant and direct notifications of video releases-24/7.
  • Sense of well-being because they love watching your videos and hearing from you!
  • Improved overall satisfaction with your Channel/Brand.

Get Ahead of Your Competition While Nurturing Relationships with a Mobile App

So, if remaining relevant, staying ahead of your competition, having direct access to your followers, adding additional revenue streams, providing VIP customer service as well as maintaining connection and communication, let’s talk.