5 Tips to Leverage Technology for your Business

Google+ affects SearchGoogle+

Many people scoff at Google’s attempts to go social, but from a business perspective it is extremely important. Embrace Google+ and any other business offering from Google if for no other reason than SEO! Let me give you an example: I have added my clients “Persian Rug” business to one of my Google+ circles. Later, when I search for Persian rugs, guess what I see? I see my clients Goolge+ latest post. If you care about lead generation and your rankings on Google embrace Google+.

Yelp! (Merchant Warehouse infographic)Yelp!

Yelp is much more than foodservice. Yup that’s right, they now have many categories including Dentists, Physicians, Plumbers, etc. Make sure you list your business on Yelp and ask your most loyal customers write you a review. People who search for businesses on Yelp are ready to make purchases so don’t miss out.


Get listed on all local listings Get Local

Don’t leave your business out of any local listings. Start off with the big ones like Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo listing, Bing listing. After that make sure you are on Facebook or Foursquare and any other relevant business directories. The fastest way to frustrate one of your clients is not allowing them to find you using their favorite service.


If you are not collecting your clients or customer emails then you are missing out. Newsletters are by far the best way to market to your existing customers. They keep you relevant and if you have quality content your customers are more likely to come back to you or share the newsletter with a friend by way of recommending you.



YouTube marketing can be highly effective. One of the easiest ways to market on YouTube is by creating educational content. With educational content, users will see your company as the authority on the subject and in turn they will trust you and your brand. When the time comes for them to spend money they will be more likely choose you.