5 questions business owners should ask

Asking the right questions in business can give us moments of enlightenment, a spark of introspection as crucial as having it in our personal lives. Here are 5 questions to help your business:

What business are you in? How’s business? Why?


Take a moment to jot-down or verbalize what your company is really selling. Now, forget about the product or service and focus on the emotional impact of your business. Maybe your company is helping people make their dreams come true or it’s allowing companies to save time to focus on more important things. Knowing what business you’re in allows you to hone in on who your ideal client is and how you are going to pitch to them. This way your marketing efforts are more targeted and sincere ensuring better results.

Why are you in business? Why did you get into business in the first place?

This question should spark the memories of how and why you first entered your industry. Usually there is some pure and innocent reason why you entered your field or industry and embracing this allows you to remember the fun and exciting part of business.

Who are you?

Within your businesses there should be a specific role that you most match up with. The main roles of a business owner are the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician. It’s key to find out which one you are and then to spend more time there. For growth find a co-founder or co-owner to fill in the other parts.

Where are you? What season and cycle are you in?

There are 3 facets to analyze in this stage. Where you’re at personally, where your industry is, and where your business is. Analyzing these things gives you realistic expectations about your business goals. It will allow you to sow your seeds or to change fields.

What’s next?

Now paint a picture for yourself to imagine what your company will be like over the next year, 5 years, and decade. We highly over estimate what we can achieve in one year and we grossly under estimate what we can achieve in 10 years. Have fun with it and make it sexy. Anything to keep you motivated!