Essential Guide for Generation X Using Snapchat

So you’ve probably always been curious to what your teenager/adult child is doing on his/her phone and can’t help to ask, “Hey what are you looking at?” For some reason you always get the answer “I’m on Snapchat.” Puzzled, you ask yourself,  “What is so great about Snapchat? I thought Facebook was all the rage! You’re just sending pictures to each other. This has already been invented! You can just do that over text…right?” Well we have the explanation and essential breakdown for you on why it is not just that, but so much more. You will be shocked at how entertaining Snapchat really is.

What is the Difference Between a “Snap” and a “My Story?”

A “Snap” is a picture you simply take and have the option to send to your selected friend in your contacts. Contacts are people you have added or have added you through a username. “My story”  is a public post to anyone who is your friend on Snapchat. They will be able to see your pictures for a time frame of 1-10 seconds. Multiple pictures can be added to “My story”, hence the name, to create a timeline about what’s going on around  you.        what+is+happening


Decorating Your Pictures/Videos With Emojis

A lot of users love this feature because they can instantly express their creativity and humor with their loved ones and friends. Also you add the latest feature called “Lenses”  which are all the rage. Your Snap comes to life by a cartoon like feature placed on your face with options like a scary face or a face that makes your eye pop out as hearts. Add how to turn on and use lenses here! 

          Untitled design (3)


Is Snapchat Really the New Newspaper?

YES! And guess what? It is free! The “Discover” screen offers tons of variety when it comes to certain interests for anyone. Snapchat offers CNN, Comedy Central, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vice, National Geographic, Daily Mail, IGN, Food Network and many more. You’re either be laughing, getting informed, or drooling over some tutorial recipe, which can make you want to be healthy or go stuff your face.


What should I post?

So you know that co-worker from the office you say “Hey” to every now and then? Would you send a them a hideous selfie just for laughs? Probably not, but would you send one your best friend?  Do you see where we’re going here? Basically send whatever you want to your friends but make sure you know the difference between “My Story” and a “Snap.” Remember “My Story” is like posting on a Facebook Timeline, anyone of you’re friends with a Snapchat can see it! P.S. Anyone can screenshot (i.e: blackmail) the picture! (You will see green arrows).


Why you have to promote your business through Snapchat.

If you’re working with food, entertainment, health products, cosmetics and maybe even animals you can simply show what you’re doing. It can literally be anything, the key is to be creative! People get bored easily and always love to see what other people’s life look like. So why not show them, you can also do this by giving quick tips! Be creative and play around with it! Also if you’re having a “special” going on you can show you’re committed followers first. So they can feel appreciated and know that they only get to know about those gluten free pumpkin pancakes!